Simris Alg Expands the Board

Kristian Svensson/Rapidus

The development company Simris Alg, in Hammenhög, gets the shareholder Fredrik Adams to join the board. Adams is an investor based in London who has previously worked in the environmental engineering industry. According to the Rapidus news agency, Fredrik Adams has built up biogas plants in England.

He became a shareholder in Simris Alg at the rights issue this spring and we asked him to join the board of directors because of his experience and network, said Simris Alg’s CEO Fredrika Gullfot to Rapidus.

Simris Alg operates a plant for algae in Hammenhög where the end product is Omega-3 fatty acids. During 2013, the business had turn-over of a couple of million kronor. The board consists of Chairman Björn Munkeby, Ebba Fåhraeus, Jan Johansson and Tommy Johansson.

The biggest shareholder is Fredrika Gullfot, the founder, followed by a number of private investors and Almi.

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